Wet Wipes

Reynard’s range of wet wipes are designed by our UK Chemists for use within a wide selection of areas.
Convenient for use, providing fast and effective hygiene solutions for Healthcare, Hospitality and Food Industries.

Our personal care products provide gentle cleansing for delicate or fragile skin, but are also ideal for use by all. Particularly suitable for use in areas where water/washing facilities are not readily available.

Used for:

Patients within Hospitals and Aged Care Homes
Nurseries and child care facilities
Home care
Leisure pursuits

Our surface cleaning products have been developed to provide fast, effective and convenient solutions for everyday hygiene needs. Based upon a range of formulations suitable for use across a wide selection of areas and complimented by handy spray formats for those who prefer to dispense cleaning products by this method.

Used for areas within:

Hospital: wards, kitchens, toileting facilities and communal areas
Aged care facilities
Food manufacturing
Commercial kitchens

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